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Vitaliy Kustov
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The xsProximity solution places trading systems and financial service platforms on either physically-dedicated hardware, or on a secure virtual server farm. These provide access to content such as consolidated / raw market data, execution engines, OMS, EMS, CEP and historical tick data.

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xsRoute is an EMS that provides one API to intelligently route order flow directly to exchanges, clearing firms, brokers, dark pools of liquidity, and electronic communication networks. Leveraged with the Xasax Financial Backbone, the trade life-cycle can be contained to microseconds.


As Vendor of Record, Xasax Corporation’s product, xsEntitle, entitles each customer’s end user and their associated market and service access by verifying the customer-assigned Username, Password, and unique MAC Address.


The amount of data that Financial Service Providers and Trading Organizations must be able to store, access, interpret, and manipulate has outpaced the ability for a company’s internal resources to manage. xsStore is the answer to the calling for a high-performance storage solution.