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Xpressfeed capitalizes on the combined strengths of S&P Global Market Intelligence and select third-party vendors to help you enhance your proprietary analytics, financial portals, CRM systems, and more.

  • Streamline your data management
  • Obtain the foundational data needed to power sophisticated quantitative research and modeling
  • Focus on your strategic investment objectives with a database that incorporates thousands of automated and manual data quality checks to review content before it is published
  • Realize greater control and transparency over your data repository

Deep data from a single source

Xpressfeed provides a single integrated data source in item-level transaction files. The comprehensive data warehouse includes all the necessary foundational data sets required to power sophisticated quantitative research and modeling. Information is delivered in packages so you can customize and receive only the data you want and need.

  • Tap into over 120 data sets including point-in-time financials, estimates and information on people intelligence, ownership, corporate relationship, key developments, and other non-financial details
  • Review credit ratings from S&P Global Ratings, Fitch, and Moody’s; ratings content is organized into packages defined by issuer sectors and contains issuer- and issue-level details
  • Leverage a cross reference suite of products that will allow you to link across entities using a variety of entity level identifiers

Reliable data delivery and management

Xpressfeed’s turnkey data loading and maintenance technology provides a reliable and efficient solution to data delivery and management you can trust. Xpressfeed’s loader application has automatic schema generation that simplifies maintenance and enables a fully-populated database to be up and running quickly. Additionally, the loader runs on your side, giving you greater control over when and how the data is processed in your depository.

  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server® and Oracle® databases
  • Lets you focus on your business instead of the technology
  • Reduces the time and complexity of data management

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