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XConnect! – Fixed Income Gateways Set

SoftSolutions!‘ trading platforms are based on the reliable, modular, high performing and integrated suite of
XConnect! gateways. The continuous research of new tecnologies by its R&D team, as well as its partnership with leading market companies such as MTS (LSE Group), Bloomberg, Thomson-Reuters, ICAP, Eurex, Nasdaq-OMX, allowed SoftSolutions! to mantain its connectivity modules in step with the growing technological, functional and performance related evolution of modern financial circuits.
The XConnect! suite ensures the availability of an integration environment that includes all the components for
interconnection with standard protocols (FIX, XML, JMS, MQ, DB, …) to various financial and commercial solutions and to customers’ proprietary applications.

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nexRates Pricing Engine

nexRates is a fully integrated solution for Fixed Income trading. nexRates is the alternative in the Financial Technology market, able to bring new bond trading and pricing experience with latest technology, reliability and high performance, high quality service with Choice Customer Care. nexRates solutions allows lowering of costs overall both as unique platform, integrating modules …

XTAuctions! - Primary Auctions Platform

XTAuctions! is a front-office multi-user, multi-auctions and multi-country application allowing participation in the bidding for new bonds issued by the Italian and Spanish primary markets, via a single user interface, and adopted by the majority of European Bond Specialists.   XTAuctions! Italy, allows participation to all Italian auctions including Optes, OMO and ConCambio.   XTAuctions! Spain, allows bidding on …

BestX! - MiFID Compliant SOR

With the introduction of the MiFID European directive, SoftSolutions! – in collaboration with his partners/customers – has created BestX!, the MiFID-compliant Smart Order Routing platform for the Fixed Income market, proved leader in Europe, which guarantees a dynamic Best-Execution in multi-market environment. The system provides a full brokerage service for the automatic execution of Fixed Income orders; it integrates …