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Winshuttle Corporate Headquarters Head Office

18323 Bothell-Everett Hwy




Acacia AK Krebs
[email protected]

Winshuttle Query

Query allows users to select SAP data they wish to view and maps the relevant SAP fields to an Excel spreadsheet, creating a query file that can then be run to extract data from SAP to Excel. This enables users to work with SAP data in a familiar format for immediate and accurate analysis.

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Winshuttle Transaction

Transaction records the steps that a user takes to complete any SAP transaction and maps the relevant SAP fields to an Excel spreadsheet, easily creating a transaction template that can then be run to shuttle data between Excel and SAP.

Winshuttle Central

Central helps companies more effectively manage SAP scripts, queries, and user access. As users create custom scripts to load or extract SAP data (using Transaction or Query), Central enables IT to control the use of those scripts within the company and manage them in a centralized manner.

Winshuttle Forms

Forms allows business users to create PDF and HTML forms to be used as a front-end for SAP processes. Forms leverages secure web services created by business users from within Winshuttle Studio.