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Dr Mamdouh Barakat
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This leading edge system takes advantage of the latest technology to offer a multi-tier Client/Server Portfolio & Risk Management system. It is a multi-instrument, multi-currency, multi-book trading system. The system is an open and extendable system which enables the client to add new esoteric instruments and reports. The Universal MBRM System integrates all our existing portfolio and risk management products (e.g. our FSS Universal Trading System, MBRM Exchange Traded Options System, UNIVSWAP – Universal Swap Add-in, UNIVVAR – Universal VaR Add-in). This will lead to many benefits, including the sharing of the same underlying data for volatilities and correlations. It will also save time and resources for our clients, since they will no longer need to integrate the various systems in-house, thus freeing the in-house resources to perform other required tasks. The Universal MBRM System utilises the Universal Add-ins for the analytical engine. The analytics can be performed either locally or on a calculation server. The architecture is built around Windows 32 bit (i.e. Windows 95/98/NT) and any Windows compliant database (e.g. Microsoft SQL server, Sybase, Oracle). The system is offered with a full range of services, including training, customisation and installation support. Full source code can also be provided, thus enabling total in-house control of the system.

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MBRM Inflation Swaps / Index Linked Bonds

MBRM are pleased to announce a new module in their Universal Add-ins range. The module calculates and analyses Inflation Swaps and Index Linked Bonds – A free no-commitment 30 day trial is available for supported users of MBRM’s Universal Swap Add-in.

MBRM Property Derivatives Analyser

New module in our Universal Add-ins range. The module calculates and analyses property derivatives – A free no-commitment 30 day trial available for supported users of MBRM’s UNIVSWAP – Universal Swap Add-in. Users interested in taking up the 30 day trial should e-mail their request to MBRM

Universal MBRM3 Add-in

For modeling, pricing, trading, and risk management in real-time. An Excel Add-in for derivatives and financial engineering, it includes Finite differences, Binomial trees, Trinomial trees, Monte Carlo, Pricing engines such as analytic Black formula (plus greeks) for different payoffs, etc.