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Global HQ is in Italy - Other Trasset offices are in: USA, Mexico, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia Head Office

Piazza del Carmine, 4




Diego DC Caputo
[email protected]

Trasset Corporate Banking System (CBS) – Credit management

Modular and integrated full STP credit solution including: Limit and Collateral Management, Global Customer Position, Origination, Loans, Syndicated Loans, Mortgage Loan, Leasing, Factoring, Project Financing, Past Due Operations, Trade Finance. It supports both conventional and Islamic banking.

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Trasset Asset Management System (AMS)

Integrated & modular full STP front-, middle-, back-office, targeting also insurance and pension funds, private banking, custodians. It supports both conventional and Islamic finance and it includes General Ledger, Datawarehouse and Reporting to authorities, clients, audit trail and compliance.

Trasset General Ledger (GL)

Customizable dimensions (chart of accounts, cost center, etc) Maintenance of periods of bookkeeping Bookkeeping through journals Various interface possibility Accounting patterns can be applied (Templates) Reports, statements

Trasset Custody & Depository System

STP covering: account management;real time portfolio and limits monitoring;portfolio evaluations; NAV and fees calculations;invoicing; settlements through SWIFT,RTGS,TARGET-2,NEFT,any local payment/e-banking systems;accounting;keeping customer transactions by portfolios and sub-portfolios;reporting.