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R&D Headquarters and Resource Hub Office

68, Prospect Lenina

Compass Plus Group Headquarters, Global Competence Centre Office Head Office

9 The TriangleNG2 Business Park

Regional Sales, Project Implementation and Customer Support, Eastern Europe Office

Office 10, Floor 9, 1B Sosnovaya UlitsaSosenki, Sosenskoye Settlement


+44 (115) 753 0120


Declan Kinsella
[email protected]


For financial institutions and other payment service providers looking for a robust platform, fully developed, tried and tested with off-the-shelf products and services, we offer TranzWare. TranzWare is our modular platform built to cover everything required to run a successful payments business. We offer products and solutions with the software development tools to enhance the available functionality to help customers innovate and differentiate their product offerings. The TranzWare portfolio offers comprehensive solutions for:

  • Processing
  • Remote banking
  • Cards and accounts
  • Analytics and workflow
  • Fraud and security

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Processing services

Whether or not to outsource some or even all operations can be a large and often controversial decision, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With size, strategy, vision and resources to take into consideration, choosing the best operation model needs to be based on both internal capabilities and company competencies. Compass Plus is a payments …


For financial institutions and other payment service providers looking for a payments platform purpose built for driving innovation and to deal with the unknown future advancements of the payments industry, we offer TranzAxis. TranzAxis is an Open Development Payments Platform with Service-Orientated Architecture. Whilst it too can offer off-the-shelf solutions, it also comes equipped with …