TradeSmart Fixed Income

TradeSmart FI EMS is a completely neutral market interface enabling you to stage orders from your OMS to venues, brokers and dealers for your order executions.

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Fynapse is a next-generation, SaaS automated finance management platform. Fynapse provides a portfolio of cloud-native modules including an accounting engine and a subledger. Modules can be implemented standalone as part of an iterative finance transformation program or easily integrated to modernize and transform the office of finance to being highly efficient and data insight-driven delivering …

Hedgebook - FX Client Dashboard Tool

If you are managing customer forex hedging positions – or maybe you’re responsible for identifying new hedging opportunities across your client base – then Hedgebook’s FX Client Dashboard is for you. It has powerful sort and filter functionality to rapidly analyse positions enabling you to put the right FX strategy forward, at the right time. …

Boss API

Boss API provides fintechs & financial institutions global-leading real-time access to SMB clients’ financial accounting, commerce, payroll & tax applications (eg. QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Amazon, etc).