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Third Financial Software

Third Financial Software is a specialist technology company focused on developing and delivering solutions to the wealth and investment management industry. Third Financial Software is focused on delivering the next generation products for the Front and Middle offices of the investment community.

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tercero Alerts

With tercero Alerts, a comprehensive solution for compliance, risk and portfolio monitoring, you can turn your manual policies and procedures into automated processes and make proactive compliance a reality.

tercero Reporting

tercero Reporting. Our strategy with client reporting is to first solve the major issue that plagues all investment organisations DATA. Without good, clean, accurate and well structured data no client reporting system can work effectively.

tercero Investment Management (IMS)

tercero Investment Management (IMS) is designed to be used by investment managers within a front and middle-office environment. Empowerment of users to create and build triggers and events to constantly monitor and manage time consuming processes is key to maximising time and risk.