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Roger Peterkin
[email protected]


thinkpipes is a powerful, flexible EMS focused on options enhanced with features for the professional trader: algorithmic trading, direct access to every financial market, advanced options functionality, robust portfolio analytics, multi-broker execution, and real-time risk management all with lightening fast speed and reliability.

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thinklink OMS

thinklink OMS is for sellside B/D’s needing to manage order flow. It can receive FIX orders from the buyside & lets traders to work directly with points of liquidity, ECN, Algo, Dark Pools or MM’s and provides execution & allocation info to the clearing firm. OATS compliant [email protected]

thinklink OATS

thinklink has an OATS reporting module that is independent of its thinklink Order Managment System. Users of the PinkLink & other frontends who need automated OATS reporting, can use this module to automate their OATS reporting. Cost is $250/month with a small setup fee. [email protected]