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The Imagine Margin Service

The Imagine Margin Service is a complete state-of-the-art solution for both buy- and sell-side institutions, bringing automation, flexibility, and transparency unavailable in legacy implementations. Many methodologies and regimes are supported, including regulatory,exchange, and easily-customized house rules.

The Imagine Margin Service is a managed solution that reduces overhead and operational costs. It is a hosted service that includes all the necessary data and exchange interfaces needed to compute margin requirements using best practice workflows. The comprehensive service delivers complete transparency and intra-day analytics with unparalleled flexibility.

Portfolio managers can help clients avoid untimely margin calls, especially in fast-moving markets. Managers can quickly perform account triage for clients with margin at risk, including full intra-day and end-of-day margin calculation, real-time monitoring of margin excess, and plug-and-play style rule updates to create efficient workflow administration.

Our margin reports break down every component of every margin calculation. Advanced margin visualizations allow users to explore margin data more intuitively. Custom reporting supports compliance and regulatory needs.  Imagine’s margin attribution methodology enables drill-down to the position level, showing every position’s individual contribution to the total portfolio margin, handling offsetting positions. The margin calculators are easy to modify and create when methodologies change. Imagine’s flexible technology platform enables margin requirements to be integrated with risk analytics, such as stress tests, sensitivities and Value at Risk.

Imagine's Margin Service is a flexible solution with configurable Margin Plans that calculate any waterfall of margin methodologies and roll them back up into a total portfolio margin. The house rule engine also supports customized margin rules and grids. The Imagine Margin Service can model any regulatory, exchange or prime broker margin requirement.

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