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Debashis Banerjee
[email protected]

Technology - Staff augmentation & Project mgmt capabilities

We have our presence in technology & functional outsourcing with focus on financial services. Our leaders’ expertise in the technology outsourcing will provide the current state assessment of technology and applications for meeting business requirements thereby helping our client achieve technology delivery & implementation.
Our strength is on-the-job trained global skilled manpower to work with you from day zero, i.e. negligible training requirements and good understanding of your business.
Our on-the-job training to professionals equips them with knowledge and skill to deliver what they intend to per your requirements. This helps you brings down the resource cost, training cost and delivery/ implementation time.
We help you in requirement creation & capturing such as BRD & FSD, till product / software  implementation. We provide functional & risk consultancy and subject matter expertise for financial services players, such as capital market, Banking, Investment banking & Insurance.                     
Please go through our website and for more details, write to us at [email protected]

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Product - GRC and ERE

These products provide the support to help you achieve the governance, internal risk & compliance, external regulatory requirements, risk assessment & future state requirement, competitors benchmarking, adherence to the internal business & risk model, and On-boarding & operational risk compliance.

Functional & Risk consulting services/Subject matter expert

We provide functional & risk consultancy and subject matter expertise for financial services players, such as capital market, Banking, Investment banking & Insurance. In risk consulting, we focus on Entreprise risk management (ERM) implementation, BASEL III and other risk & compliance challenges. In functional consulting, we focus on Asset / Wealth mgmt, Derivatives – ETD & OTC, Investment Banking, Securities …

Customer On-boarding & Operational Risk

Achieve “On-boarding & Risk” best practices & agility through case mgmt with framework approach. It has emerged as best methodology to handle your “On-Boarding & Risk” challenges effectively. For the key benefits of this product & solution, please go through our website and for more details, write to us at [email protected]