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TCAM Head Office

Zandbergstraat 35


+31 844305605


John Lathouwers
[email protected]

TCAM – Market Data and Trading Technology Professionals

Trading technology and market data are strategic assets of professional Financial and Energy Trading firms. We help you finding the right professionals in these fields. For certain positions we offer the possibility to train candidates resulting in quick employability.

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TCAM - Market Data Optimisations

Market data is a strategic asset for financial and energy firms, although many fail to manage it professionally, resulting in many inefficiencies. We make your market data inventory transparent, we reduce your ongoing cost and we ensure your usage is compliant with vendor agreements

TCAM - Low Latency professional services

The “microsecond speed contest” between investment firms has developed a new industry-within-the-industry consisting of suppliers of ultra-low latency feeds, data distribution platforms, latency monitoring systems, etc . Read more at

TCAM - Data Management Professional Services

Data management implementations are subject to many pitfalls. Recent history has shown various examples of internally developed SMFs which have become uncontrollable due to their size and complexity. We guide you through the stages of a succesful data management implementation or optimisation.