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Strategic Change Validation

When you embark on a business change you recognise the high potential for failure – the statistics are not reassuring. Realising there will be pitfalls, you know that putting in place a good foundation is essential.

We recognise that many companies have difficulty with moving from theory to practice and struggle with establishing the “deliverability” of a change programme. Ensuring the business case is complete and its implementation can be supported by all stakeholders is vital at this stage.
Our pragmatic and practical approach, along with the know-how gleaned from years of business change experience, is valuable right from the start of the project lifecycle. All the practical aspects of a programme are tested and verified to ensure the way forward is successful.
The service:
Involves undertaking a detailed analysis of the business case to ensure that all aspects of the business change initiative – the business processes, technological factors and cultural elements – are reviewed.
The service closely assesses how the interdependencies between the business and technology will be managed. The business case is carefully analysed and taken through a virtual implementation process in order to identify:
  • Possible issues
  • Potential risks
  • Interdependencies
  • Future benefits
The main focus is to establish how deliverable the programme is. You can then take the decision on how to proceed, given that you now have a comprehensive understanding of the work that is involved to make the project successful.


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