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Stuttgart Head Office

Calwer Straße 33


+49 711 222 992 623


Erik Sternischa
[email protected]

SMARAGD FPD (Fraud Prevention & Detection)

* Identification of fraud at banks and insurance companies
* Customer and transaction-specific rule code
* Short and long-term analysis for identifying fraud
* Scoring procedure for evaluating and weighting fraud fraud case details

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SMARAGD MDS (Monitoring & Detection System)

* Combating of money laundering at finance institutes * Fulfillment of international government and supervisory authority regulations * Risk-based approach and KYC (know your customer) policy * Short and long-term analyses * Predefined rules and typologies of known ML and fraud scenarios

SMARAGD MGS (Monitor Gateway Server)

* Monitor Gateway Server * Official SWIFTAlliance Access Plug-In * Fail-safe functionality: S/MGS continously checks wheter the embargo-system is available and a bypass mode is activated in the case of a failure * Recovery function: all bypassed messages are checked when the service is back again

SMARAGD TCM (Transaction Controlling & Monitoring)

* Full-scale realtime screening of payment transactions for embargo breaches * Screening of customer holdings for violations against institutional and international sanctions * Combating of terrorist financing * Highly optimized for bulk data processing (>10 mio customers) * PEP screening