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SLIB Risk Suite

It more and more important for clearers in Europe to be equipped with efficient tools to monitor the risk of clearing at a panEuropean level, in order to optimize their clearing activity, by globally supervising market risks and margin calls.

The SLIB Risk Suite consists of innovative risk management tools for clearing activities.

The SLIB Risk Suite addresses all the European players of the clearing activity:

  • General Clearing Member (GCM)
  • Individual Clearing Member (ICM)

The SLIB Risk Suite facilitates the following business processes:

  • Automatic collection of positions and/or trades either directly from the CCPs or from the clearer’s internal systems
  • Automatic collection of latest prices for all the instruments in a given position
  • Calculation of risk exposure, margin requirements and the resulting margin calls
  • Calculation of the current valuation of security collateral, if any, to update the final margins
  • Automatic generation of margin call notices

Key Benefits

  • Risk aggregation hub with links to all the main European CCPs and Hong Kong
  • Native implementation of all the principal risk/margining algorithms, including SPAN, ERA, RBM and TIMS
  • Covers equities, bonds and listed derivatives
  • Collateral management
  • Real-time intraday risk monitoring
  • Customizable alerts on various dimensions of risk, including limits on cash considerations, margin requirements and calls
  • Field-proven accuracy and reliability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Deployed in ASP or hosted licence mode


The SLIB Risk Suite consists of 1 major component and will be very soon enriched with new products:


Risk control is a crucial element of clearing activity. A clearer, whether general (GCM) or individual (ICM), has to face with the risk of default of any of its clients. To protect itself against such an event, the clearer needs to continually assess the risks of its clients and will normally initiate margin calls if the risks rise above a certain level. Most regulators require that the clearer
implements adequate processes and procedures and employs advanced risk management systems.

Clearing risk management has become more complex post-MiFID, with the multiplication of execution venues for European equities. Today, a given clearer is likely to operate in several CCPs, each having its specific margining methodology. In most cases, the clearer needs to replicate the risk algorithm of any CCP in which it is active, both to evaluate the risk of its
clients and to reconcile its own margins, as called by the CCP.

SLIB CRMS (Clearing Risk Management System) is an innovative tool that addresses these issues at several levels. It helps you calculate margin requirements and margin calls on your clients in all the principal CCPs in Europe.
It enables you to monitor the intraday risks of your clients, be they broker/dealers or institutional clients. It allows you to reconcile your own CCP margins as well as to monitor your
exposure in any CCP. Moreover, it offers you a global multi-market view of your risks
via risk aggregation and cross-margining.




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