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SLIB Position Keeping Suite


Account and position keeping has been at the core of SLIB’s offer for the past 20 years.
Our goal with the SLIB Position Keeping Suite is to provide your organization with an effective and comprehensive set of tools.
The SLIB Position Keeping Suite includes a set of products particularly suited to the requirements of the following lines of businesses:

  • Broker dealer
  • Custodian

Functional scope

The SLIB Position Keeping Suite facilitates the following business processes: 

  • Account keeping
  • Custody
  • Position keeping
  • French specific functionality for :
    • PEA accounts
    • NRF/IBS
    • Tax management
    • Payments


  • Accounts with both securities and cash
  • Multi-institution, multi-entity and multi-branch management
  • Easy integration with peripheral systems: reference systems, accounting tools, etc
  • Multi-instrument and multi-currency management
  • High level of STP and capacity to process

SLIB Position Keeping Suite components

The SLIB Position Keeping Suite consists of 7 products, among which 5 are specific to account keeping and custody in France, and among which you can pick and choose according to your individual needs:

SLIB Custody

SLIB Custody enables real time evaluation of your clients’ portfolios, management of all the events affecting these portfolios and provides you with the ability to obtain comprehensive management reports at any time (security positions, security balances, balance logs, etc.). Your accounting system is also fed with Execution or Event Statements.


Every day, Broker dealers, Account Keepers and Custodians all need to monitor the results of the activities carried out on the financial markets on their clients’ behalf. SLIB P&L enables calculation and restitution of the potential and firm profits/losses recorded in your technical management accounts: trader account, difference account, error account, etc.


Additional products specific to account keeping and custody in France:

SLIB Payments

SLIB Payments is for Account Keepers and Custodians wanting to offer their clients payment services in addition to their traditional account management and safekeeping activities.

SLIB PEA Manager

SLIB PEA Manager enables Account Keepers and Custodians to manage all the particularities of French specific PEA accounts.
In particular, SLIB PEA Manager deals with:

  • Management of information related to PEA accounts
  • Evolution and monitoring of PEA accounts
  • Processing related to PEA accounts

SLIB Registrar

SLIB Registrar is a SLIB solution for Broker Dealers and Custodians who want to process their NRF’s and IBS’s automatically within a single tool.

SLIB Tax Manager

SLIB Tax Manager is for Custodians who manage their clients’ taxation. SLIB Tax Manager processes the French taxation system and the fiscal mechanisms related to the residence criteria, according to the agreements signed between France and other countries.

SLIB Portfolio Manager Fulfilling the needs of discretionary or advised portfolio management, SLIB Portfolio Manager improves the performance of your clients’ portfolios, simplifies management of your operations and optimises your commitments to your clients.


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