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UNICOM Software - Ho Chi Minh Headquater Head Office

3G Pho Quang, Tan Binh district


(84-8) 3844-7949


Ho Nguyen
[email protected]

SKYTerminal – Fully Personalized Trading Environment

Fully personalized trading environment, complete with prices, market analyses, data and news modules, technical analysis and charting functions. Advance user interface, Rich functionalities, Real-time, High performance, High scalability & security, seamlessly integration with other systems.

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SKYCore - Total Solution for Securities

UNICOM SKYCore built on IBM SOA (BPM/WPS) technology, provides full solution for securities firms to manage its operations during and after trading time. SKYCore supports multi-market, multi-company, high performance, high availability, scalability, and seamlessly integration with other systems.