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Av. Fernão de Magalhães, 1862, 15º Andar Sala 1501


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Jorge Machado
[email protected]


SifoxRouter is a server application that handles the order routing to several markets and entities. Integrated within the MiddleOffice structure, and fully FIX compliant, it can connect directly to exchanges, brokers or networks, also containing a FIX Server for order receipt.

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An application for trading desks, with real-time data from multiple sources (exchanges, etc), and order flow to both FIX-based and proprietary systems. Integrates with MiddleOffice OMS to ensure complete control of routing order flow, management of Care Orders, and account validations (as required).


ServerDeal is an aplicacional server that distributes online information to SifoxDeal clients and other components of the MiddleOffice structure, be it market data (from exchanges, networks or providers) or information on order, trade and portfolio management (from the MiddleOffice DB and ORS).


A full OMS, it contains all features required for buy and sell-side brokers, and ensures STP. The core of a complete trading solution from Finantech, it integrates accounts and validations, feed-handlers, FIX and proprietary order interfaces, supporting both trading desk and order routing flows.