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Sequencing is a flexible communication solution that enables the control of notification delivery through users or the organisation, until a response is received. Sequencing ensures that important notifications are sent to the right people, to their right devices, in the right order.

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iModus is the award-winning emergency notification platform with a secure and resilient infrastructure that provides the power behind the Vocal product suite. iModus ensures an organisation is capable of communicating to anyone at any time, including in emergency situations.


PlanManagement provides all the tools required to ensure critical business documents are created, maintained, kept securely and communicated across an organisation. PlanManagement brings a simple interface and fantastic ease of use to potentially complex business plans and documents.

iModus Locate

iModus Locate is a solution that locates and protects your employee’s. It allows you to know where your staff are in real-time and gives those staff the added protection of being able to call upon 24/7 assistance from a trained security centre if their safety is threatened.