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+32 2 655 4228 Mobile: 032.474.76.77.27


Veronique Vanderbrug
[email protected]

SEPA Routing Directory

The SEPA Routing Directory is an electronic, downloadable file that contains SEPA payments routing data for all financial institutions operating in the 31 SEPA countries. It includes all operational BICs able to process SEPA payments, and their SEPA-ready payments channels. The file is updated monthly and is consistent with the BIC Directory, the EPC’s Register of Participants, the list of EBA Step2 SCT members, and other SEPA-ready ACHes.
A must for institutions that want to find the best channel for outgoing SCT payments, that want to repair misrouted payments and that want to update their own routing tables.

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SWIFT’s portfolio of services and solutions spans the entire financial transaction lifecycle. Combined with the security and reliability of our messaging platforms, they help reduce risk, lower costs and improve delivery to end customers.

SWIFT’s CLS Third Party Service

Providing a global FX settlement solution for non-CLS members  CLS (Continuous Linked Settlement) provides the FX world with a global settlement system that completely eliminates settlement risk for all trades that are settled on it. By doing so, it also strongly reduces the systemic risk that FX markets are exposed to. To also allow non-members …

SWIFT Accord for Securities

SWIFT’s Accord for Securities is being used by major prime and executing brokers to match equity and fixed income trades executed by the global hedge fund community. Accord for Securities can also be used in other process flows to replace faxed trade confirmations with electronically matched MT 515 messages. The solution can be used between …