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Secure Message Center APIs

A Secure Message Center solution enables secure messaging and document exchange between clients, members, support and service teams to improve the digital experience and accelerate positive outcomes. 

DataMotion provides a comprehensive set of web service APIs to embed Secure Message Center capabilities into self-service portals, mobile apps and enterprise desktops to enable digital collaboration between customers and employees.

DataMotion for Financial Services Secure Message Center diagram. Explanation under header "The Secure Message Center Solution"

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DataMotion Secure File Transfer Automation

DataMotion Secure File Transfer Automation enables secure file exchange through a unique, centralized approach. Simply define your file transfer objectives, and the solution will orchestrate and report on all your transfer activity. A unified approach allows servers, mainframes, employees, partners and customers to easily exchange sensitive data. It’s streamlined, secure and smart. And it saves …

DataMotion SecureMail

Email sensitive information simply and securely with DataMotion SecureMail. Using miltary-grade encryption, SecureMail helps your organization comply with privacy regulations, improve customer satisfaction, protect your reputation, lower costs, shorten response times and improve workflows. Features: Military strength encryption: AES 256 Compatible with all email services Up to 100MB file & message size std (2GB optional) …