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Sapient Global Markets’ Fusion Methodology

Today’s capital and commodity market firms need to be agile in their delivery of technology to support business growth initiatives, regulatory requirements and changing customer demands. Launching and implementing these projects on time and on budget can be a tremendous challenge, especially those that are highly complex, are global and have regional differences—and have differing objectives and priorities among a range of stakeholders within the organization. In fact, many projects fail due to a lack of clear vision, purpose or defined goals at the onset. To eliminate this risk, a proven project methodology is needed to help firms accelerate the delivery of business value through aggressive planning, team consensus and improved release planning. 

The Sapient Approach

Sapient Global Markets’ Fusion Methodology turns ideas into actions by providing a structured approach to collaboration early in the lifecycle of any body of work. Founded upon the principles of maximizing delivery quality through collaboration, we developed our unique Fusion Methodology by leveraging best practices from a wide range of industry standard frameworks—including Six-Sigma, Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and Agile software development. By utilizing the most effective principles of each of these models, our Fusions are optimized to help organizations gain consensus, generate momentum and ensure stakeholder support for critical deliverables.

Executed through a series of facilitated workshops, our Fusion Methodology is a vital first step to any successful project or initiative. It ensures that initiatives are prioritized based on dependencies, incremental return on investment (ROI), weighted risks and other factors by clearly identifying small projects versus long-term initiatives. While Fusion frameworks are consistent, workshops themselves are tailored to meet the needs of each client and project to ensure we address factors such as complexity, location of team members, project timeline and number of stakeholders. A Fusion workshop is often the initial phase of a body of work, however, some of our clients choose to conduct mini-Fusions prior to each delivery phase to manage scope and maintain focused momentum.

A typical Fusion team consists of experienced Sapient Global Markets specialists who provide valuable industry and business knowledge, expert facilitation, elicitation and tool integration, as well as internal representatives to provide knowledge and input specific to the firm’s business and technical environment.

The Sapient Advantage

Leveraging its Fusion Methodology, Sapient Global Markets has successfully launched and implemented business and IT projects for a range of clients, helping them to:

• Improve user acceptance by engaging key stakeholders early on in the project

• Reduce risk by minimizing project “scope creep” through meticulous analysis, planning and tracking of deliverables

• Reduce project costs by creating a prioritized and clearly defined roadmap aligned with business goals

• Deploy efficiently, enabling the firm to begin realizing business value quicker

Features at a Glance

• Creates consensus and enables planning

  • Engages key stakeholders across the organization

• Generates urgency, momentum and energy

• Delivers concrete and actionable plans

• Identifies areas that need further exploration or consideration

• Ensures that all participants are invested in the plan they helped create

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