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Salmon Treasurer Portal

The new Salmon Treasurer Portal is a multifunctional, multilingual portal solution delivered on the Salmon Hosting Service (SaaS) environment or on your own internal IT infrastructure or chosen hosting provider. Accessable from anywhere, anytime, the portal gives users the ability to access treasury information, reports, view positions in realtime, submit deal orders and requests and much more.

As a seamless module in the Salmon Treasurer solution you can access the portal from your phone or tablet or any web browser and it can be white labelled to suit your organisation or treasury services. This is a particually valuable tool for the modern day Treasury Manager or Group Treasurer who requires on-the-go reporting updates or the ability to approve process such as payment authorisation while out-of-office.

The portal is a particularly valuable tool for Subsiduaries for intercompany requirements, allowing hassle free access to input data such as forecasts for subsidiaries without requiring a more complex IT project to give remote access to the main Treasurer application.

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