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Dual Altera Stratix® V GX/GS PCIe Board with Quad QSFP+, DDR3, QDRII+, and RLDRAM3
Featuring two Altera Stratix V GX or GS FPGAs. Designed for high-end applications, the Stratix V provides a high level of system integration and flexibility for I/O, routing, and processing.

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FPGA solutions for HFT and Fintec applicatons

Enterprise class hardware based on Altera FPGA technology for use in HFT and Financial acceleration applications.

OpenCL Developer’s Bundle

Stratix V FPGA-based PCIe Board and Development Tools for OpenCL OpenCL dramatically simplifies FPGA development by enabling designers to code their systems and algorithms in a high-level C-based framework, directly generating FPGA programming files from a pure software development flow.

S5-PCIe-F [S5PE-F]

Altera Stratix® V GX/GS PCIe Board with VITA 57 FMC Site PCIe x8 card based on the high-bandwidth, power-efficient Altera Stratix V GX/GS FPGA. The S5PE-F is a flexible and efficient solution for high-performance network and signal processing, signal processing, and data acquisition.