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Rubikon Treasury

Rubikon Banking Treasury provides a flexible, integrated interface for setting up and maintaining all of your bank’s treasury operations, whether money markets, securities, foreign exchange or derivative trading operations.

In order to provide enterprise wide control of information and also maintain Rubikon global customer relationship and profitability management, the treasury offering is fully integrated into the overall Rubikon system.

Rubikon Treasury key modules:

  • Front Office Functions

Rubikon Treasury supports front office trading such as deposit trading, call deals, security trading, repurchase agreements (repo) and foreign exchange trading.

Deposit Deals

The system caters for three types of deposits:
Single Term Fixed Rate, a standard fixed term yield deposit where interest is added to the principal amount to be paid/ received at the end of the term
Discounted Deposit, a fixed term discounted deposit where the amount to be deposited is the maturity value less the interest.
Schedule Deposit, a fixed or floating rate deposit where interest is accrued and paid at intervals throughout the term of the deposit.

Call Deals/account

Call accounts are deposit accounts comprising of transactions to or from that account in the form of deposits, withdrawals and interest payments. Balances on these accounts are subject to a daily interest accrual based on call rates held on the system.
Call deal – This is the process of entering deposits or withdrawals into a call account.

Security Trading

For security trading, Rubikon Treasury handles the following “paper” based instruments:
Zero coupon securities such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, Repurchase Agreements.
Single coupon securities, such as Certificates of Deposits.
Multi coupon securities, such as Floating Rate Notes, Bonds.

All these instruments are processed within the system as well as the analysis and reporting of security positions and accruals and the production of dealing tickets and confirmations.

FX Trading

Rubikon Treasury is designed to handle each of the three types of foreign exchange trading listed:
Spot Deals
Forward Deal
Swap Deal

  • Back Office Operations

This section focuses on operations that control the back office and authorization of deals and transactions from the front office trading activities in treasury system.
Below are some of the functions Rubikon Treasury performs:

Confirmation Production

A confirmation has to be sent to the counterparty on the terms of the deal agreed upon by both parties. This could be in form of a letter, fax or swift message.

Verification Required

This is to ascertain the correctness of the deals that were booked at the front office. At this point the deal could be accepted if the deal terms are certified or rejected as the case may be.

Settlements Processing

A comprehensive settlement function is available to view and process settlements. The SSI authorisation feature accessible from the main toolbar and from the settlement list option shows all the Standard Settlement Instructions, which require supervisor authorisation before processing.

The bank can view settlements (payments, receipts or both) due to be sent on a particular date or range of dates, those that have not been processed, inspect settlements and set/change any instructions if necessary.

Processing the settlements will generate an entry on an export file detailing the settlement, generate a SWIFT message if applicable and mark the settlement as having been processed.


Rubikon Treasury offers an organised suite of inquiry functions to make the daily dealing tasks easier, and to help the bank provide faster and more informed services to its customers.


The Accrual enquiry provides an accrual window to view the results of overnight accruals showing total interest accrued for the period or day.


The yields function allows viewing the yields for certain criteria selected by the user. The selection criteria for the view are based on Currency/Book, Instrument and View.


The cash flow function allows viewing the cash flow for certain criteria selected by the user. The selection criteria for the view are based on Currency/Book, Instrument and View.

Currency Open Positions

The Currency Open Positions window allows viewing the positions for each book/currency including estimated values. It has the ability of drilling down to show more detailed views by currency.

Posting Enquiry

The posting enquiry is used to view details of all posted deals.

Global Enquiry

The Customer Account Enquiry window provides a broad view of the customer’s total relationship with the bank. In addition to basic information, it shows all the accounts owned by, or secondarily related to this customer and provides access to the account records, inquiry displays, and inquiry history.

  • Communication Services

Rubikon Treasury module is interfaced with Reuters 2000 dealing and SWIFT.

Reuter 2000 Dealing Interface

The Reuters Dealing 2000 interface is used to import deals from Reuters Dealing 2000 (R2000). Deals entered and confirmed on the Reuters Dealing 2000 network are imported via a Reuters Dealing 2000 server into the system.

Swift Interface

The SWIFT interface has been designed to ease the implementation of other device formats as and when required.

SWIFT messages supported are for FX, Fixed Deposits and Call Accounts; they include confirmations (MT300, MT320, MT330, MT335), payments (MT202, MT203), and receipts (MT210).

  • Reports

Rubikon Treasury provides a very flexible reporting feature designed to aid the bank in its treasury activities. A list of standard reports is supplied with the system at installation – the bank may modify the actual titles of these reports.

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