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RiskManager™ – The Flagship Market Risk Application

RiskManager is the flagship RiskMetrics Group market risk application. RiskManager provides a secure web-based interface to the entire suite of RiskMetrics’ analytics, risk reporting, market data, and security master data to offer a fully integrated risk solution to institutions. The application allows users to run ad-hoc analyses on-demand, design stress scenarios, perform what-if analyses to rebalance portfolios, produce custom reports and automate overnight batch processing. RiskManager is the enterprise-wide solution of choice for risk managers at leading financial institutions around the globe.

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Counterparty Credit Exposure Module in RiskManager™

The Counterparty Credit Exposure report monitors default exposures across horizon buckets and Potential Future Exposures (PFEs) of counterparties. Credit exposure captures the cost of replacing a transaction or a set of transactions with a counterparty if that counterparty defaults. Counterparties are netted according to client agreements through a tagging facility. The report supports a single …

Risk Suitability Monitoring - Manage Regulatory Obligations

Designed for those responsible for risk management of retail client portfolios, Risk Suitability Monitoring enables you to proactively manage your firm’s regulatory obligations. RiskMetrics Group’s Risk Suitability Monitoring Services ensures suitability by checking that all of your clients’ portfolios are within their risk tolerances as set in your Investment Policy Statement process. For more information, …

Web Services - Tools for On-Demand Risk Information

RiskMetrics Group’s Web Services allow you to seamlessly integrate RiskMetrics’ hosted best-of-breed data content and risk analyses directly into your own applications, data warehouses, spreadsheets, databases and workflows. Clients utilizing the Web Services delivery channel have on-demand access to the RiskServer Analytics Calculation Grid, RiskMetrics Group’s DataMetrics Service for market data, and the RiskMetrics Terms …