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Risk Controller- portfolio credit risk and VaR model (CRM)

RC-Capital Model is a high-specification, portfolio modelling framework, supplying rigorously calculated risk statistics for multi-asset portfolios over different holding periods.

RC-Capital Model is suitable for credit VaR calculations, counter-party risk analysis, multi-asset-class analysis for investment firms and asset managers.

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RC-Loan Portfolio Analytics System

RC-Loan Portfolio Analytics System offers a rich set of risk and valuation analytics useful in the management of loan portfolios. The calculations, including interest rate sensitivity, valuations and provisioning analysis, may be performed under a wide range of stress scenarios.

RC-Dashboard and Database Tool

RC-Dashboard and Database Tool combines powerful and flexible analytics with high-quality visualisation of the results obtained. Data on accounts, portfolios and financial ratios are loaded and manipulated using a flexible set of routines and algorithms and then presented through a dashboard.

RC-Credit Scoring System

RC-Credit Scoring System allows users to create and manage multiple credit scoring models and then to publish scores to downstream systems. The software supports a variety of scoring methodologies including classical Logistic Regression and Artificial Neural Nets.