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Retail Model

The QSG Retail Model assesses a retailer’s operating strength, same store sales & earnings expectations, store growth efficiency, short sentiment, management quality, price momentum and valuation & liquidity on a daily basis. The model currently covers approximately 300 retailers within specialty, textile, apparel and luxury goods, food/staples, internet/catalogue, multi-line retailer & restaurant segments. Historical backtests of the Retail Model indicate that the model would have outperformed the equal-weighted retail universe by an annualized average of 14% from Jan 1979-July 2006, ignoring transaction costs.

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T-Cost Pro®

TRADING ANALYTICS FOR TODAY’S COMPLEX MARKETS – Confirm that you are using the correct strategy, broker and algorithm. T-Cost Pro® delivers unique measures that isolate the cumulative price impact of a series of executions in a stock. These new sources of information identify the optimal path to execution sucess. Visit for more information.

Bank and Thrift Model

Banks & thrifts (B&T) follow financial reporting rules that are significantly different from the remainder of the investment universe due to the uniqueness of their operations. Due to these differences, many quantitative factors that are widely used in the overall investment universe are not feasible for use in the B&T universe. QSG has developed a …

Virtual Research Analyst®

ADVANCED STOCK SELECTION FOR ACTIVE STRATEGIES – QSG’s custom stock selection solutions are designed to help investment professionals to construct, monitor, and manage portfolios with significant excess return potential. We work with you to design solutions tailored to your unique benchmark, strategy and objectives. By leveraging the intuition of fundamental research with the rigor of …