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Carla Whyte
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Respond Complaints & Feeback management software

Complaints, feedback and customer service software for the finance industry. Enabling frontline capture at all customer contact points, through to analysis and reporting of detailed MI. Provides the data to drive change within the organisation to improve customer service, retain customers and achieve profitable growth.

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Respond Customer

Respond Customer. Empower your customers and reduce pressure on your contact center staff. Respond Customer lets customers directly register feedback, including complaints, and track the progress and status of the issue through your website.

Respond Intelligence

By offering a deep insight into the trends within customer attitudes and behaviour, Respond Intelligence allows organizations to directly monitor product performance and drive business improvement by identifying the key product or service barriers to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Respond CenterPoint.

Respond CenterPoint. Consistent customer service is one step closer. Respond CenterPoint is a flexible software system that manages all your complaint and feedback processing needs.Respond CenterPoint is both scalable and flexible enough to be customized to your organizational processes.