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Robert Bruce
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ResolutionPro is a pricing library for the valuation, risk management and hedge accounting of derivatives & other financial instruments. Available as an Excel add-in or as a SDK for software developers for embedding models into existing systems.

ResolutionPro supports:

  • Interest rate derivatives including; swaps, swaptions, caps/floors
  • FX derivatives including; currency options, fx swaps, and exotic options
  • Equity derivatives including; stock options, index options, warrants and exotics
  • Commodity derivatives including; commodity options, commodity swaps and exotics.
  • Fixed income;  corporate bonds, government bonds, floating rate notes, and money market securities.

 Trading desks need systems that can handle a number of functions: analyzing price and risk on changing deals; managing a portfolio; calculating profit and loss; and keeping a handle on the market, both in real time and historically.

ResolutionPro can help you to:

  • Determine hedge effectiveness as required by IAS 39
  • Compare the cost and effectiveness of various hedging strategies
  • Understand the dynamics of a derivatives portfolio
  • Perform “what-if” and other risk related analyses
  • Model alternative investment strategies
  • Mark-to-market all instrument types


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