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Reporting Conusltancy

Developing client reporting away from a 20 plus page annualised transaction report. Into 8 or 12 pages of client revelvant personalised content, to enrich the client relationship and improve clarity of content.
This product, brings with it significant efficiencies and cost improvements.

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A revolution in client reporting

1. Leveraging technology solutions to automate the collection of data on legacy contracts 2. Delivering client reporting solutions to reduce the volume of content, from multiple pages down to a more concise and client specific document Without changing your back office systems

Enhanced data processing speeds

Processing numerous large data files from multiple legacy systems is a challenge to any organisation especially in C level reporting or client reporting. ClearCapture’s Big Data processing tool makes reporting simple and effective, taking processing time from multiple weeks to hours.

Automating the aggregation of legacy contract data

Saving time and money in automating the collection of client transactions and fund performance on legacy contracts. Taking away the potential for human key stroke error without the need to change existing back office systems. From weeks to hours to enrich your current data with ClearCapture