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Garrick T. Herrmann
[email protected]

RepliWeb Deployment (R-1)

RepliWeb Deployment (R-1) is a comprehensive, innovative solution that streamlines, manages and automates the deployment of web content, code, IIS and server components. .

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RepliWeb Managed File Transfer (RMFT)

RepliWeb Managed File Transfer (RMFT) streamlines, automates and secures file transfers throughout an extended organization. RMFT allows organizations to architect efficient workflows and facilitates user-friendly file exchanges so IT resources can focus elsewhere.

RepliWeb Directory Synchronization (RDS)

RepliWeb Directory Synchronization (RDS) is a file replication and directory synchronization software for cross-platform (Windows, Unix, and Linux) replication.

RepliWeb Operations Suite for SharePoint (ROSS)

ROSS governs, automates & accelerates lifecycle management processes for organizations building Internet/Intranet sites & Web Applications on SharePoint 2010. ROSS manages content/application deployment and replication processes across multi-stage (Dev-Stage-Prod) and multi-site infrastructures.