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Reliable, feature-rich HYBRID NVR in the industry

Get the job done faster – from installation to investigation – with March Networks  8000 and 6700 Series Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs). These feature-rich recorders deliver unparalleled reliability, manageability and scalability, allowing you to transition from 100% analogue to 100% IP video cost-effectively and at your own pace.


The 8000/6700 series recorders incorporate an impressive breadth of security features to ensure your data is protected and your hardware continues to function.

·         The internal battery backup guarantees a systematic shutdown in the event of an unexpected power loss.

·         Hard drive mirroring ensures redundancy and allows for flexible use of storage.

·         The built-in firewall guarantees that your network will comply with your IT department’s guidelines.

·         Watchdog circuitry for both hardware and software ensures that the recorder remains operational.

·         And secure tunneling grants access only to authenticated users when it comes to devices connected to the recorder’s camera network.


·         The only recorders in the industry to feature the innovative “dock and lock” station. Similar to the one designed for your PC, this docking station keeps all connections clean and securely connected to the back of the unit and allows for quick, easy installation of the recorder, as well as removal for service and maintenance. In addition, a lock switch turns the recorder on/off and locks it to the docking station, preventing removal, tampering or unauthorized shutdown of the recorder.



Our Searchlight for Banking solution can be integrated to address the unique needs of banking institutions of all sizes, and help them leverage their security investment and use video, combined with reporting tools, to analyze and improve their business.


8000/6700 Series NVRs Models:

·         16/32-channel model

·         8-channel model



The 4-channel NVRs have been designed with economy of space in mind. This small unit can be easily installed inside an ATM, and seamlessly integrates ATM transaction data with the video. The 8704/6704 allows bank branches to capture records of every ATM transaction locally, and to synchronize that transaction data with high-quality video clips or images.

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