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Revenue Manager - Fee Billing Platform

Powerfully-Intuitive Fee Billing That Gives Asset Management Firms Increased Control and Scalability

 Redi2 Revenue Manager™, our industry-leading fee billing and revenue management solution, helps institutional and private client asset managers more effectively manage the entire revenue calculation, recognition and collection process. With Revenue Manager (for Investment Management), an extensive range of multi-currency tax, rebate, commission, and fee calculations may be easily generated and maintained.

 No matter how complex your fee calculations, or how many different ways fees are paid, Revenue Manager simplifies account setup and billing cycle management through intelligent design. An intuitive interface and user-centric dashboards (based on business function) display each user’s most important information, tasks and action items.

 Add Value with World-Class Processing and Communications

 Accelerate payments and recognize revenues more quickly by using Revenue Manager to calculate, invoice, track, reconcile, and book client fees and payments. Rules-based workflow automation enhances collaboration while audit and security controls help monitor changes to important billing data, such as valuations and fee schedules. In addition, Revenue Manager generates presentation-quality invoices, statements, advice notices, and reports in multiple languages. Recognizing that all of these reflect your firm’s brand and reputation, we take a core element of your client communications to a higher level of professionalism.

• Fast, easy account setup and billing cycle management

• Performance fees, Complex basis and billing calculations, including flexible fee/tax splitting

• Powerful payment and collections management

• Audit and security controls that satisfy compliance and regulatory reporting requirements

• Custom asset categorization and aggregation

• Sophisticated query and analysis tools

• High-quality communications and reporting

• Intelligent workflow, audit and security controls 

Support Even the Most Complex Calculations

 Revenue Manager makes it easier for your firm to define and process a wide array of fee calculations (in any currency) quickly, easily, and intuitively.

• Calculate various fee types such as management, custody, administrative, advisory, origination, 12b-1, wrap (SMA), and performance-based fees

• Define flat, step tiered, banded tiered, and conditional fee schedules

• Perform sophisticated aggregation across clients, accounts, products and invoices, as well as savings/fee reallocation

• Incorporate account-level and group-level minimums, maximums and recurring flat fees

• Prorate fees for account activations and terminations, as well as for account inflows and outflows

• Leverage out-of-the-box, industry-standard basis calculation rules such as ending balance, average monthly balance and average daily balance

• Define custom basis calculation rules without error-prone and hard-to-learn coding

Seamless Systems Integration

 Secure yet open application programming interfaces (APIs) and support for industry standard relational databases ease integration with third party solutions, including accounting, portfolio management, performance measurement, customer relationship management (CRM) and general ledger (GL) systems. Single sign-on delivers instant access to your users, while maintaining the most stringent levels of information security. Once integration is complete, our expert client service professionals “speak” your language for ongoing support and relationship management to evolve with the ever-changing dynamics of your business and the market.

 Deeper Insight to Enhance Strategic Decision-Making

 Robust querying, reporting and analytical capabilities empower firms to instantly gain a deeper understanding of revenues and improve strategic decision making. Users can easily generate the data required and create reports in business-friendly formats such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF.

 Enhance Revenue Manager with Redi2 BIPS™ to provide even more valuable revenue and profitability analysis and forecasting.

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