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Red Hat® Decision Manager

Red Hat® Decision Manager (formerly Red Hat JBoss® BRMS) is a platform for developing containerized microservices and applications that automate business decisions. Decision Manager includes business rules management, complex event processing, and resource optimization technologies. Organizations can incorporate sophisticated decision logic into line-of-business applications and quickly update underlying business rules as market conditions change.

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Enterprise MRG Messaging

High throughput, low latency messaging system based upon industry-standard AMQP protocol. Supports variety of different application client environments, rich set of application integration semantics, robust message security, assured delivery, high availability. A truly enterprise ready platform.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is a foundation for building and operating automation at scale. Simple to adopt, use, and understand, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform provides the tools needed to rapidly implement enterprise-wide automation, no matter where you are in your automation journey. It can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate more advanced IT …

Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides fully managed, high availability, secure OpenShift clusters on Microsoft Azure. These are fully managed and supported by a joint Microsoft and Red Hat team on a premium 24×7 basis, with a 99.9% uptime SLA. The service is purchased via customers' existing Azure arrangements, and may be scaled on demand. As …