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Cashfac Marketing Dept
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Receivables Management

The management of cash receipts has always been a challenge for businesses. It is crucial that all businesses seek to increase the accuracy and shorten the timeline of cash processing for client and corporate cash. A combination of variables can complicate the cash receivables and allocation process including:

  • High volumes
  • Difficulty identifying payees (especially when the payment is electronic)
  • Under/over payments
  • Poor referencing (particularly from a retail customer base)
  • Poor remittance information

Our state-of-the-art virtual accounts solution is capable of managing these issues, making cash receivables and processing more efficient, automated and streamlined. This, in turn, improves customer service and cashflow, cuts financing costs and increases turnover. Recent innovations in the banking industry – particularly related to Open Banking – have offered a new range of solutions to help meet these challenges.

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Payments Management

Businesses typically need to manage complex relationships between their back-office ledgers and their bank accounts. With the introduction of virtual accounts, it is possible to create a hierarchy of virtual accounts that can map to their ledger and act like a bank account. Our platform seamlessly integrates a business’s Accounts Payable (AP) process from their …

Multibank Cash Management

Bringing together unlimited numbers of real and virtual bank accounts in a single view, our multibank capabilities provide direct control over balances with an accurate forward balance view. Customers can manage their cash seamlessly across multiple bank partners with the solutions underlying bank connectivity managing the actual cash flows to and from each bank. It …

Sweeping and Target Balancing

For many years, businesses and banks have needed to move money between accounts to optimise their liquidity or availability while maximising return on that money. This could have been for imprest (top up) accounts to hold funds in the most logical place or even to forward monies, when a balance has been achieved, to a …