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Realiti – Real-Time Treasury Management Software

Realiti is the market-leading solution for intraday control and compliance. It is built on Planixs’ Graphite platform, a database and business analytics platform with proven, scalable technology and inbuilt science engines, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Realiti is provided both as software as a service (SaaS) running on external cloud architectures and as an on-premise solution running on the client’s choice of infrastructure. 

The Realiti solution is designed to manage a firm’s entire intraday activity and is provided as a suite of modules that provide organisations with all the real-time insight and analytics they need. The core platform runs on an engine that consumes and intelligently transforms transactional messages from external account providers in real time – via existing financial industry infrastructures – and internal systems across the front, middle, and back offices. 

There are three core modules that build on this core platform and together provide firms with intraday control. Typically, firms rollout these modules in stages to suit their business needs. In addition, firms can choose from a selection of add-on modules that: monitor and optimise collateral and client (vostro) activity; model the intraday impact of stress; predict future intraday balances and settlement profiles; control payment activity and report to regulators on intraday performance and risk control. 

We work together with clients to select the most appropriate configuration from our suite of solutions to support their needs.