Real-time Gross Settlement System (PS-RTGS)

PS-RTGS is designed to empower central banks and monetary agencies with the means to control large value payment transactions in a guaranteed, irrevocable environment. The solution utilizes modern technologies and recent best practices that comply with international standards and liquidity risk management.

PS-RTGS supports all standard financial messages that include, but are not limited to: Large Value and Urgent Credit Payment Transactions between participants, Bilateral Credit Transactions (BCT), Central Bank Operations (CBO), Delivery vs. Payment (DvP), Payment vs. Payment (PvP), REPOS and BUYBACK.

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Crypto Data API

Aggregated Data feed from Crypto Exchanges that updates in real-time. Includes tick prices and trade data for over 50+ cryptocurrencies.

The #NextGenBranch

Brochure | The #NextGenBranch The solutions that leverages advanced self-service and an integrated omnichannel software platform, creating a branch where technology has a pivotal role, to increase process efficiency and optimize performance. Get in touch with us Visit our website and download the brochure.


Reset, in conjunction with CME Group, is the leading provider of risk mitigation services in the derivatives marketplace, with over 20 years’ experience in successfully delivering innovative solutions that overcome the challenges of managing basis risk in trading portfolios. Based upon strong sector expertise and extensive client engagement, our state-of-the-art matching engine allows traders to …