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RC-Dashboard and Database Tool

RC-Dashboard and Database Tool combines powerful and flexible analytics with high-quality visualisation of the results obtained.

Data on accounts, portfolios and financial ratios are loaded and manipulated using a flexible set of routines and algorithms and then presented through a dashboard.

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RC-Loan Portfolio Analytics System

RC-Loan Portfolio Analytics System offers a rich set of risk and valuation analytics useful in the management of loan portfolios. The calculations, including interest rate sensitivity, valuations and provisioning analysis, may be performed under a wide range of stress scenarios.

RC-Credit Scoring System

RC-Credit Scoring System allows users to create and manage multiple credit scoring models and then to publish scores to downstream systems. The software supports a variety of scoring methodologies including classical Logistic Regression and Artificial Neural Nets.

RC-Connectivity and Data Validation System

RC-Connectivity and Data Validation System provides a web-based portal through which financial institutions can securely receive, check and evaluate data on asset portfolios. The system allows banks and savings institutions to integrate their portfolio data with decentralised networks of originators, fund managers or subsidiaries.