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RA-Cub, entry level FIX Engine

The RA–Cub FIX engine is an entry level low cost FIX engine designed to give new entrants an affordable flexibility. RA-Cub provides a smooth upgrade to the RA-Cheetah FIX Engine so transition to a low-latency engine later on, should it be required, is a simple operation, requiring no new Systems Integration effort.

RA-Cub is available both as a .NET/C# FIX Engine and as a Java FIX Engine, with both versions being deployable to multiple environments.

For: Exchanges & MTFs, Brokers, Institutions, Transaction hubs, and ISV’s.

How RA-Cub FIX engine enhances your trading capability:

  • Entry level pricing – suited to all sizes of company
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Accelerated ROI
Operational Flexibility:
  • Full in-flight session independence
  • Full transport independence, including support for FIX.T.1.1
  • FIX repository driven, with support for customised repository versions
  • All versions of FIX out of the box from 4.0 onwards, including FIX5.0 (all service packs)
  • Platform independent
  • Fully compatible with all commercial and open source FIX engines
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • QuickFix wrapper available to aid conversion from open source FIX engine (.NET version only)
  • Support for direct integration with .NET/C# or Java applications where required.
  • Runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Apple Mac
  • Out-of-the-box deployable as a stand-alone Windows service (.NET/C# version only)
FIX Engine Features:
  • Object model simplifies coding
  • Database, file, and bespoke storage device logging options available
  • FIXML–FIX translator to convert from the FIX string Tag-Value message format to and from XML

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