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RA-15 Ratio Calculator

Excel spreadsheet that calculates, charts (3 years)and explains 15 key financial ratios – A/C Pd, B/E Pt, Cash B/E Pt, C/F coverage, C/F to Debt, Cash Maturity Coverage, Current, Dedt/Equity, Invent. T/U, Quick, Return on Assets, ROI, Sales to A/P, Sales to B/E, Times Int Earned

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Business Valuation Calculator

Business Valuation Calculator. Excel 2000 spreadsheet to calculate the value of a business.

Financial Statement Analysis Spreadsheet

Excel 2000 spreadsheet with the optimum in financial statement analysis: – 3 year plus benchmark (ind.avg, select company, budget) ratios and analysis – 200 ratios with charts, percent differences – common sized ratios – optimum calculation and variances based on last 3 years performance

Financial Troubleshooter system

A combination of a ratio analysis spreadsheet (30, 70, 150 or 200 ratios) and a set of business scenario questions direct the reader to address offside ratios by referring to page in manual which states the problem, what will happen if not resolved and how to resolve it.