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Quintessence Head Office

Office Suite F7, Century Square, Heron Crescent, Century City, Cape Town
Cape Town
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Nico Christodoulides
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Quintessence is a decision support system for the investment management and research process. The system has resulted from more than 25 years’ combined experience in the investment management industry. Quintessence was developed with the work investment managers do in mind, and is aimed at optimising their work.

With Quintessence you can independently implement your investment processes, enabling you to protect and maintain your company’s intellectual property. This, together with the power to move the intellectual property from a spreadsheet to a warehouse, allows you to maintain and preserve your intellectual property in a central repository.

Streamlined: Quintessence enables you to streamline and efficiently manage your investment processes.

Centralised: Quintessence facilitates and manages the warehousing of all investment data into one central repository.

Excel® integration: Quintessence seamlessly integrates with your business through the provision of functions in Microsoft Excel®.

Easily accessible: Quintessence allows you to easily access and manage your investment data.

Custom design: Quintessence facilitates the design, implementation and management of your proprietary investment processes.

Flexible: Quintessence is highly configurable and scalable.

How Quintessence Works

Quintessence integrates data from different sources into a single platform. Quintessence allows analysts to easily access the data within Microsoft Excel® and to update the data via Microsoft Excel®. Quintessence functionality is exposed to third-party developers through the application programming interface (API). The API allows in-house developers and third-party applications to interact with the Quintessence platform.

What differentiates Quintessence from other systems?

There are other companies and products that support the work of the investment management industry and offer centralised warehouse solutions. Our key differentiator is the way Quintessence integrates with Microsoft Excel® through the provision of the Quintessence Excel®Addin.

The Addin allows you to:

  • Easily access your data within Excel®
  • Manipulate blocks of data in Excel® using Quintessence functions
  • Create complex dashboards and reports in Excel®
  • Load data from Excel® into the Quintessence database

Who is Quintessence for?

Quintessence and the accompanying consulting services are tailored to the needs of the investment research and management industry.

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