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PREMIA – Insurance Management

PREMIA insurance software solutions covers various business classes including General, Commercial, Life and Healthcare insurance. 

PREMIA is a flexible end-to-end Insurance Administration system built on the latest Oracle technology. It embraces the principals of Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) to address current insurance issues including improved Speed To Market, outstanding Customer Service, strict Regulatory Compliance and rigorous Fraud Detection.

PREMIA provides a single solution fully supporting multi-line businesses with unified distribution across multiple channels including Direct, Internet and Broker.

PREMIA is a configurable solution containing a market leading Ratings Engine, Insurance Product Design Studio, Workflow Engine and an end-to-end Document Management Solution. PREMIA provides insurers with the opportunity to significantly improve their performance in today’s digital market while establishing consistent controls over all channels of distribution.

3i Infotech has partnered with Oracle to launch a Technology Centre of Excellence for Insurance. The ‘Centre of Excellence’ provides Insurance Executives with the opportunity to have first-hand experience of a comprehensive information solution incorporating leading best in class products, encompassing: business intelligence, CRM , and PREMIA’s full function insurance business solution integrated with Oracle E-Business financials. The solution provides a ready to deploy suite unparalleled in domain depth and functionality.

The PREMIA insurance management solutions suite comprises PREMIA General Insurance, PREMIA Health, PREMIA Life (covering Agency Management), PREMIA General and PREMIA Collaborator.

The insurance management solutions suite works on:

  • Oracle 10g / Oracle 11g RDBMS as the database server
  • Windows NT Server Version 4.0 or higher version
  • Windows 2000 Server, Unix, Linux and Microsoft environment

The client machines require:

  • Pentium PC with at least 256 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 98 or any higher version operating system
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or a higher version browser

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