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Nithya Mahesh
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PREMIA Collaborator

PREMIA Collaborator, our solution for promoting Interactive Insurance, effectively streamlines disparate information flow processes across your entire value chain. With extremely simple processes, it enables you to manage customer and partner relationships.

Belonging to the globally acclaimed PREMIA family of products, PREMIA Collaborator allows your Agents to track premiums, and commission statements from their locations on-line. It turns your employees (individuals, teams or departments)) into self-driven business enablers as they can instantaneously get access to relevant information and use it resourcefully.

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Arrow-SP is an evolution of Arrow, Rhyme’s real-time CREST solution which is suitable for any organisation with participant membership, including brokers, market makers, custodians and institutions. It is designed to interface to Euroclear’s Single Platform* supporting ISO 15022 and 20022 messaging as well as traditional CREST Proprietary standards for existing legacy applications. Arrow-SP embraces the …


Altimis is a superior, robust and functionally rich system aimed at the wealth management, stockbroking and clearing market.  Altimis offers a fully integrated, highly flexible, and straight through approach to all aspects of the investment process.  With its single database and extensive suite of configurable rules, Altimis can deliver high levels of STP whilst allowing …


The FISCAL fully-integrated settlement system is a proven solution for high-volume, multi-currency stockbroking operation needs. It supports both agency and principal trading and settlement, and can process high volumes over a sustained period.