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Europe Head Office

31 General Kiselov str.




Petar Amerov
[email protected]

Portfolio and fund management

The portfolio management functionality include:
Asset allocation/portfolio structuring;
Portfolio evaluation;
Scenarios and stress testing;
Portfolio optimization;
Limit and compliance check;
Performance calculation;
Report generation;
Models and sessions;
Multi-entity and bank/business hierarchy.

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Risk Management Solutions

Our rule-based Risk Management Solutions perform Basel II, Basel III Risk evaluations and Solvency II Risk Capital estimations, as well as portfolio calculations and analysis. We support wide range of solutions for portfolio management, risk management, asset and liability management etc.

Risk Management

Our solution use technological, human and organizational resources following the international principles and standards (ISO 31000). RM includes identification, assessment, and application of measures to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of loss events.

Risk Engine

Risk Engine is able to work in stand alone mode providing means to manage all of the required financial objects such as instruments, positions, transactions, portfolios and market data by GUI and by data providing. Works together with core banking systems, account systems, data ware houses etc.