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Platform LSF

Platform LSF is software for managing and accelerating batch workload processing for compute-and data-intensive applications.


Platform LSF, the flagship product in the Platform Accelerate Suite, allows you to manage and accelerate batch workload processing for mission-critical compute- and data-intensive application workload. With Platform LSF you can intelligently schedule and guarantee the completion of batch workload across your distributed, virtualized, High Performance Computing (HPC) environment.

No matter the industry, Platform LSF increases the utilization of existing hardware resources. Chip designers run more design verifications. Automotive engineers use virtual product development techniques to limit physical testing. Government researchers accelerate large, complex, grand challenge computations. Resource engineers acquire, process, analyze and interpret data to speed time to production.


How you can benefit from Platform LSF:
  • Maximum utilization and optimal allocation of existing IT infrastructure ensures more work is done with fewer resources, reducing additional hardware and administration costs
  • Faster time to higher quality and reliable results allows you to develop better, faster and cheaper product designs
  • Improved user productivity for designers, researchers and scientists. Platform LSF enables them to run more jobs, significantly reducing the time to market (TTM) for new products
  • Reduced operational & infrastructure costs lower total cost of ownership (TCO), while improving the return on IT investments by enabling IT to improve service levels to their stakeholders via better Service Level Agreement (SLA) management as well as greater flexibility, visibility and control of job scheduling
  • Optimal license sharing across the organization provides additional cost savings

Selected facts about Platform LSF: 
  • New add-on Platform LSF Session Scheduler for low-latency, high-throughput job scheduling
  • High-performance, flexible, scalable HPC infrastructure software solution
  • Proven to work in heterogeneous IT environments utilizing all IT infrastructure resources regardless of operating system –including desktops, servers and mainframes – or the architecture – support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, and multi-core CPU architectures
  • The industry’s most comprehensive set of intelligent scheduling policies including Fairshare, Preemption, Application Encapsulation, Advance Reservation, Resource Reservation and Service Level Agreement (SLA) based scheduling
  • Advanced self-management with self-healing and self-adaptive capabilities – failover to the nth node
  • Extensive application support
  • Comprehensive, extensible and standards-based security

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