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PCS Fund Management

PCS Fund Management platform offers feature-rich functionality and is implemented in the latest best-of-breed Web Technologies with an unparalleled User Interface, designed to support the entire Fund Management, Administration & Accounting life-cycle with functionality spanning the business processes and operations of:

Front Office – Full-access portfolio management, investment strategy modeling, order management, holdings analysis, index-tracking / benchmarking, automated rebalancing, cash flow management, pre-trade investment restrictions validation etc.

Middle Office – Order routing, trade confirmations processing, auto-matching, cash flow settlements etc.

Back Office – Daily NAV and Unit price calculation, master/feeder fund structures (multiple classes support), UCITS IV compliance, automated General Ledger accounting, post-trade investment restrictions validation, regulatory reporting, support for unlimited funds, fully automated / unattended daily operations, accounting entries etc.

PCS Fund Management is a complete multi company, multi funds, multi lingual & fully integrated software platform that streamlines the business processes and requirements of fund management companies, driving operational costs to a minimum and alleviating risk, cost and service effort in a complex and highly regulated global investment environment.

The system currently supports daily the evaluation of more than 1200 Umbrella Funds, Mutual Fund Classes, Institutional Funds and Discretionary Funds with more than €15 billion NAV under management in several countries. It ensures best practices covering all business expectations, meeting local regulatory requirements and discovering new business opportunities for the Funds’ Administrator.


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