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Identitii Ld - Sydney Headquarters Head Office

Level 2, 129 Cathedral St




Ben Buckingham
[email protected]


Overlay+ by Identitii creates a secure, trusted and auditable data ecosystem using tokenisation. It enhances the accuracy of regulatory reporting, reduces last mile payment hold ups, maintains data integrity across systems and formats, including ISO 20022, and improves counterparty assurance.

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Overlay+ Order2Cash

Overlay+ Order2Cash directly connects buyers and suppliers to ensure reconciliation information is available when they need it. It creates an end-to-end, auditable timeline of activity for every transaction and enables suppliers to offer better terms for buyers based on payment behaviour.

Overlay+ Assurance

Overlay+ Assurance allows you to Know Your Transaction. It helps keep correspondent banking channels open, even in high risk markets, by creating a unique, auditable ecosystem for KYT/KYC information that ensures you have access to purpose of payment information when you need it.

Overlay+ Reporting

Overlay+ Reporting lets you know which transactions need to be reported to regulators, including AUSTRAC and for FATF recommendation 16. It ensures you have the right data available in the right format when you need it, to improve the accuracy of reporting and ensure it’s right first time.