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Options @nalyst

Options @nalyst is a financial function add-ins library for Microsoft Excel. When used concurrently with a data feed, the functions provide real-time pricing and sensitivity analysis both for individual options and for portfolios containing multiple options. The library supports both modified Black-Scholes and binomial (Cox-Rubinstein) pricing models.

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Exotics @nalyst

Exotics @nalyst is a financial function add-in package for Microsoft Excel. It includes functions for pricing and sensitivity analysis for 30 different types of exotic options. Exotics @nalyst is split into three modules: asian/lookback, barrier/binary, and basket/chooser.

Bond @nalyst

Bond @nalyst is a financial function add-in library for Microsoft Excel. Bond @nalyst includes Securities Industry Association standard calculations, such as price, yield, accrued interest and duration, for Treasury, agency, corporate and municipal bonds and notes. It also includes functions for

MBS @nalyst

MBS @nalyst is a financial function add-in library for Microsoft Excel. MBS @nalyst includes calculations useful for trading mortgage-backed securities. MBS @nalyst handles pass-throughs, interest-only, principal-only, and other strips. Calculations include price, yield, modified duration, weighted average life, implied prepayment speed, payment components, and factors.